Decorative glass & Mirror

Decorative glass and mirror surfaces are in high demand due to their durability, versatility, elegance and ease of maintenance. In addition, the transparent material is able to visually expand spatially, therefore it is ideal for creating interior design in small rooms. Modern developments and technological equipment help to produce glass structures of different shapes, strengths and sizes.

A to Z Glasses Company is one of the leading manufacturers of mirrors and glass products. We carry out a full range of services in the field of glass production: from field visits and measurements, to the development of the drawing and the implementation of the idea. To dress up nicely your interior or to equip your premises, we offer custom cutting and mirror creation.

Useful and decorative, according to your desires, we are able to offer a wide range of mirrors: silver, bronze, dark, without tint (mirror spy), etc. We also offer, through our mirrors department, the cutting of decorative glazing.

At our premises, we produce the following products:

  • Glass for shower enclosures
  • Stained glass windows and shop windows
  • Crystals and coloured glasses
  • Mirrors of all sizes, which can also be made to measure
  • Picture frames
  • Insulating glass windows

With more than 15 years of experience in glass and panels manufacturing, we have developed

unparalleled expertise. At our place, you will find a team that will be happy to offer you a

personalized service adapted to your needs. Quality is a priority, both for production and


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