Glass partitions and doors

Many office, banking, retail and other premises today use glass partitions. Their popularity is due to the high performance that they possess. The main function of glass partitions is to delimit space in order to create separate zones: for work, leisure, warehousing and other purposes.

A to Z Glasses are ready to offer our customers stylish, practical and reliable office glass partitions and doors that can be used not only for decorating the office interior, but also in entertainment and shopping centres and even in residential premises! The advantages of glass partitions

Partitions made of glass have many advantages over other materials used to delimit space. In particular, these are:

  • High light transmission- Such partitions do not interfere with the penetration of light, so that you can create a separate zone even in that part of the room that does not have external windows.
  • Good soundproofing- This quality is very convenient for office, retail and any other premises where a large number of people of different fields of activity work – for each workplace there is the opportunity to create a separate space comfortable for productive work.
  • Modularity of designs- Glass partitions for the most part consist of many modules, whichallows you to change their configuration depending on the characteristics of the room and the requirements of the work process.
  • Mobility- Glass partitions are easily mounted and dismantled. There are also mobile partition systems, the position of which can be changed at least every day without violating their integrity and operational characteristics.
  • Security- Partitions of this type are made of tempered glass mounted on an aluminium frame of high strength.

These qualities of glass partitions make them the most demanded and applicable in a variety of rooms that require delimitation of space.

Our Company offers a wide range of glass partitions of various types and designs. We have both ready-made structural solutions and the ability to create partitions specifically for your size. We specialize in sliding glass partitions that are ideal for any type of room. The sliding design allows you to save free space, while endowing it with great functionality.

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