Security/ Laminated glass

Tempered glass is the result of intense laboratory research; the processing consists of a sudden heating and cooling process which brings the glass from a temperature of 600 ° to a temperature of 300 ° by means of an air blow.

This process creates a surface compression that increases the mechanical and thermal resistance of the material, making it considerably more flexible and more easily subjected to different stresses. In the event of breakage, the glass shatters into a multitude of small, non-cutting fragments.
Laminated glass is suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Safety glazing
  • Resistance to manual attacks
  • Resistance to firearms
  • Resistance to explosion
  • Floors and stairs
  • Containment barriers
  • Roof glazing
  • Soundproofing

A to Z Glasses is one the top notched companies that produces laminated glass, with cutting-edge technology in this area. The laminated glass produced by the A to Z Glasses are products of high resistance and performance that add thermal and acoustic comfort to the safety requirements.

The uses of this glass are increasing, some of the most frequent are: shower enclosures and showers, security doors, business facades and buildings, tables, shelves and shelves, stair rails, dividing walls, showcases, aquariums, Viewers of swimming pools, floors, terrace enclosures, elevators, coverings, etc.

The anti-theft and bulletproof glass belong to this type of glass. This flexibility and variety makes it possible to make laminated glass an indispensable element in modern architecture and design.

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