Sound proof / insulated glass

Noise is tiresome. It is annoying, anxious, and causes great stress to the listener. Thus, it makes complete sense to integrate new ways to keep noise at bay. Keep all the noise and sound pollution to where it belongs- away from you and your earshot. A to Z Glasses manufactures soundproof and laminated glass. Our high quality glasses are used for windows, doors and office cabins to stop the inflow of noise to your personal territory.

These days, architects and home designers are looking for glass as it is aesthetically appealing and is being preferred for designing of contemporary spaces. However, standard glass is noise conductor and therefore, a solution needed to be developed that would not only enhance the building’s aesthetics but also eliminates the external noise.

Our laminated glasses feature PVB Interlayer which offers excellent sound absorption properties.

Our noise resistant glass reduces external noise by up to 90%, almost 50% higher as compared to ordinary glass.

Moreover, these glasses are available in a variety of sizes and thickness. Our laminated glass is ideal solution for living as well as commercial spaces, offering effective means to secure your privacy. We

make sure that in this fast running world, you have means to share peace and calm at your home and at work.

A to Z glasses offer a wide range of glasses for different purpose. Our collection includes toughened glasses, decorative glasses and mirror, glass partition, shower enclosures, spider glazing glass and others.

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