Structure Glazing

Glass facades have a significant influence on modern architecture and have shaped our cities for decades. On the one hand, they must meet the highest aesthetic requirements. On the other hand, as technically intelligent systems, they must perform numerous relevant functions from a constructive point of view and, in addition, withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Facades with structural glazing perfectly meet all these requirements. A to Z Glasses offers special system solutions for this modern glass assembly technique. Structural glazing is a glass assembly technique in the construction of facades with which the glass elements are fixed exclusively with high performance silicone sealants specially developed on a supporting structure of aluminium or stainless steel. Static and elastic loads on the exterior fa├žade, such as the own weight, water and

snow loads, as well as thermal expansion, are transmitted to the substructure through structural gluing.

The structural glazing silicones are characterized by high mechanical strength and, at the same time, excellent elasticity, and are suitable even for unsupported facade system.

The structural glass system is a technique of fastening the glazing by using special silicones: in traditional curtain walls, it is the outer face of the frame that receives the wind-induced suction efforts and prevents the glazing from falling to the empty while in the structural system, it is the silicone gasket that guarantees this function.

The aesthetic possibilities of the structural system arouse great interest among architects and designers by virtue of the elegance, luminosity and aesthetic spectacularity provided by this glazing system to buildings.

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