Toughened Glass

Today the most popular building material is Toughened glass. What properties does it have, and of what stages does the production of Toughened glass consist of?

Thermal hardened glass offers a very wide range of design possibilities. Different coatings also confer a personal character to the glass, whether to emphasize a graphic identity, transmit information or perform decorative or functional tasks.

Toughened glass is a glass that is subjected to special heat treatment (tempering) during the manufacturing process. The process of thermal tempering of glass modifies its physical properties. Thermally toughened glass and hardened glass meet the highest demands and support considerable loads. They can also provide additional protection and security.

We offer you glass after tempering of the highest quality, which is produced on modern foreign equipment. Toughened glass is used with great success not only for glazing balconies and doors, but also for stops of public transport or telephone booths. Not a single client will be dissatisfied, because our workshop will produce any Toughened glass, the price of which will correspond to its excellent characteristics.

We have the most avant-garde infrastructure and techniques for the production of glass and glass of all kinds and for different uses, leaving as a result a product manufactured under the most demanding standards worldwide. We have 20 years of experience in the market, a period in which we have grown thanks to the preference of our customers.

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